Yes. Focus360 mobile apps run while on the road as it provides access to the maps. Also, it keeps on tracking the location of the employees when they are in the field.

Focus360 allows managers/leaders to track the employees’ locations in real-time. It captures the exact location of the employees when they are in the field and saves the logs directly.

The managers installed with the Focus360 application can easily find whether the employees using the application or not. The usage information of the employees will be stored automatically. It documents the last access of the employees in the field and creates a report based on the data.

Absolutely! Focus360 mobile app can work assisting you anywhere around the world. Wherever you are, you can always search your Sales Force data anytime.

As with any application, bugs can happen. If that happens, you can report to us via sending us an email directly to contact@focus360.app, or you can also submit them via our customer support form. Either way, your bug issues will end quickly.

Yes, you can create appointments for your employees and sync it to their Google calendar that is integrated within the application.

You can get all the event details and other activities details in the day, week, or month view. You can also view multiple employees’ calendars at a time. All the information will be sorted by days so that you need not waste time sorting them.

Yes, when an employee of your company resigns or is replaced, you can delete their account. Removing the account is as easy as the adding process by contacting info@focusmarketing.co.nz

We take matters of data security very seriously at Focus360. We are hosted on highly reliable servers that promise optimal uptime and data security for all our clients.

If you forgot your password, you can easily change it within few steps. Open the app. It will prompt you to ask login details. Below that form, you can find a forgot password option. Selecting that option will ask for your email details. Once you entered the password changing link will be sent you. Add your new password and login again with your new credentials.






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