How Product Catalog Gives Your Sales Team a Competitive Advantage?

The primary goal of every salesperson is to bring in revenue for their company. But when your company expands and updates its portfolio, there comes a challenge. While providing a wide range of products and services, it becomes hard to memorize and recall the products and related information across various deals. Salespeople will end up spending more time memorizing through product catalogs to keep track of all the details.

On the other hand, there is a lot of competitions in the sales field. Many businesses are peddling similar products, which turns the competition a real deal.

What is the Product Catalog?

It a list of products and services, provided by the businesses along with its prices. With this product catalog, you can view insights of deal value, cost, price analysis, profitability, and other useful product and deal information.

How the Product catalog helps people your business?

A product catalog will contain all applicable detail for every item. These will be available right in the CRM. A salesperson can quote a price to their customer sitting right in front of them. He/she can also plan by viewing the catalog and the customer’s account history to find the right product or services for the customer.

Ways to give your Sales team extra leverage

Alignment of Price and Value

Your pricing strategy needs to make sense for potential customers so that they can consider the product’s features, working, and usage needs. When your sales team gets tasked to represent a clear value offer, buyers will expect to realize why your charge model is appropriate to them. For instance, having tailored plan packages for an individual, small business, large business, etc.

Your catalog should have the flexibility to extend discounts and promotions to attract new customers. This can empower your sales team to take action with agility to budgets of the customers likewise the offering of your competitors.

Like two sides of a coin, some customers will value quality, some will consider the price. Keeping your catalog offerings competitive in terms of money can avoid losing customers to your competitors. The specifics of your niche will ultimately dictate the level of flexibility your billing interface, and your sales team requires.

Variability of Plans at a Customer Level

Your plans need to prove that they are serviceable to any range of your customer base. It should bend to satisfy individual needs and personalize the customer journey that can set your business apart and help your sales team win.

Speed to Market

The pace of business is unremitting. If you can’t keep up with consumer demands and market fluctuations, you will turn into an outperformer.

Ideally, your business needs to be agile updating its catalog with relevant new pricing, discounts, and promotions in a matter of time, without support from developers.

Final Words

Keeping track of an ever-expanding catalog of products and services can be a challenge. Some of your competitors have or are well on their way to digital transformation.

An up-to-date product catalog and billing capacity don’t just automate the aspects of your working. It also helps you to make sure that your sales team isn’t losing ground. By upgrading your business platform for improves catalog flexibility, you can broaden your business’s appeal. Also, you can add numerous tools to your sales team’s belt.

Thinking out of the box, the growth of the potential catalog can enable you to consolidate and analyze data to help you identify subscription sales trends within your business. This information can help your sales team to understand the needs and wants of the marketplace and chart their future strategies.

Start upgrading your business, so that everything is accessible within a few clicks.

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