Go Digital With Custom Mobile Forms!

Custom Mobile Forms are in trend as the population goes digital, and access to the Internet increases. Collecting data using paper became oldfashioned. It also turns into a hectic and daunting process when one wants to process over large stacks to find particular data. Meanwhile, the digital collection transforms the time-consuming process into a much simpler workflow.

Kickstart your digital journey

Every business needs data to plan strategies and make informed decisions. The journey of collecting data is going to be a vague process that includes different types of audience, geography, accessible resources, and more. Before starting to adopt using custom forms to collect data, one must need to learn and understand the basics, planning methods, and data security associated.

Planning your data collection

1. Choose the type of data

Businesses use different types of forms for various purposes. Before creating, one has to ask themselves the following: What would you want to collect? Images from your field, resumes from your job candidates, signatures from your clients, or something else? The answer to this question will give you an outline to design your form. Later you can put heads together to store the data, acquire, and share it.

2. Outline the ways to analyze responses

The primary benefit of collecting data using mobile forms is that you can organize them in one cohesive space. You can view them quickly as reports also can be shared and exported for collaborative work. With the help of smart integration options, one can automatically transfer these data to any applications. Marketers use these data to analyze the influence of a campaign, tracking leads, and measuring goals.

Choosing a data collection method

Each method of data collection has its uses, so be wise while choosing it. Here are a few approaches to build your data collection.


It is an agile way to collect data using a set of questions that can gather specific answers. This method can discover preferences, intentions, opinions, and more. You can ask your audience to enter a few lines or choose from the given options.


Digital marketing or campaign requires data collection from your existing customers to build the relationship more strong. You can do this by obtaining their email address for a newsletter subscription, collecting their feedback, learning the subjects they are interested in, and more.


Online interview forms can lead you to standardize your company interview process. It reduces the bias as the data will be transparent across the entire process.

Experiments and observations

Digital checklists are time-saving tools that allow you to perform assessments, observations, and inspections among large or small groups. Also, these are conveniently accessible from your mobile device, even offline. Thus, enhancing the productivity of your workforce.

Responsible data handling

When it comes to the usage of digital forms, one foremost thing to remember is you. The one who collects and holds the data is responsible for ensuring its protection. Here are some instructions for data handlers:

  1. Provide credible certifications emphasizing ethical data handling
  2. Ensure best privacy actions and data protection laws
  3. Avoid using private and sensitive data out of context without consent
  4. Present transparent and clear policies in your forms

To Sum It All Up

Using Custom Mobile Forms means that you’ll be going paperless, which is also a future possibility. Hopefully, this article might have made you understand how custom mobile forms help in data collection. You can use Focus360’s Custom Mobile Form integration that provides the most hassle-free way of collecting data on the go. Time to start creating digital forms!

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