An Introduction to Territory Mapping Application

Some business processes are more geographically important than the design and supervision of their territories. Managing your team’s sales territories is very important but doing so with spreadsheets and uncertain boundaries may be a scrupulous experience.

Territory management allows companies to run their business more productively. By dividing and conquering vast sections of area (either small or large) for particular salespeople or teams to concentrate on. Business organizations can assure that all possibilities are being provided with the correct amount of attention and focus throughout the progress. If you use shortcuts and overload some territories while neglecting others thin, you are not going to heighten the output that you wanted. Also, some employees will get frustrated and won’t work properly. Meanwhile, some other staff will cherry-pick and neglect some prospects.

Territory mapping application can help businesses and companies use the map to geographically envision, describe and even map out areas or regions, minimizing your job effort for sure. Without mapping applications, it might be hard to balance and manage territories. For many, this model combines works such as CRM exports, manual updates, pivot tables, and loading data back into CRM, which is a tedious and error-prone process. That’s why a territory mapping application is essential to a company’s business processes. Now the question is, how does a company successfully manage and maintain territories?

Start with CRM Data to Create Intelligent Sales Territories with Focus360

The perks of creating territory boundaries using Focus360 are that any data in the workforce can be used to create your territories along with activity, contact, pipeline, and account demographics, and so on. The aim is for every one of the new areas to have a similar amount of accounts, licensed assigned, ARR, or whatever the other metrics you use to organize your territories.

Create Shapes to Map Territories

Point of fact, if you are creating sales territory boundaries, then it will be ideal to use the Focus360 application. You can divide larger states by using the map to define the new boundaries. Searching clients in a clustered view will help you to get a better sense, where the heavy concentrations are.

Using our application, you can easily outline territories via your pre-created custom shapes. Also, it can be used directly from the map with the help of ZIP codes, populations, counties, etc. This will easily allow you to view the number of prospects or customers in the boundaries equally based on highly populated areas.

Final Words

No matter what business or company you work for, people will surely leave for other openings. With Focus 360s as your territory mapping app, it is easy to reassign a mass amount of records when territory changes occur.


Territories mapping can be productive since they divide a large area into smaller regions. Thus, it will be easier to focus on revenue-generating possibilities. They also promote employees to take ownership of their territory, driving accountability, and the option to take steps themselves where necessary.

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